Class Descriptions

All Awareness Center classes include a comprehensive series of exercises to stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups of the body and increase the flexibility of the spine. Postures are merged with powerful breathing techniques that energize and/or promote deep relaxation.

Each class includes tuning-in with a mantra, a warm-up, and a kriya (a series of excercises) including asana (posture), pranayama (breathing technique), mudras (hand positions), mantra (positive affirmations), and meditation (quieting the mind). All classes end with a deep relaxation. Our classes are for all ages, levels, and abilities, so even a beginner can start with any class.

Kundalini Yoga-Easy

Open to all levels, this class leads you in a more gentle practice. Exercises are adapted or shortened and there are more rests in between, making the practice more accessible to students with physical limitations, chronic illnesses, or those who are looking for a class with a slower pace.

Kundalini Yoga-All Levels

Open to all levels of students from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Awareness Center teachers are trained to offer modifications or increase the challenge for each student. We teach you to listen to your own body and increase your self-awareness.

Kundalini Yoga-Intermediate

Open to all levels for students who are ready for a challenge. This class includes a longer set or combined sets with longer exercises and meditations, and fewer rests in between them.

Community Class $10

In gratitude and service to the Community, these classes are offered at half price. The community class is an all levels class open to beginners and long time practitioners alike allowing you the time and space to decompress and use the technology of Kundalini Yoga to find your center and peace of mind amidst the challenges life presents.


Hatha Yoga, practiced for health and vitality, is a way of exercising, stretching and freeing the body to obtain flexibility, strength, concentration, peacefulness and much more.
Class begins with a moving meditation, called hatha flow, where one develops a deep concentration and awareness of the body.  Pausing to breathe into any tight spots you will begin to feel the dynamics of the posture, as strength combines with gentle stretching and freedom of expression. This is a fluid and powerful class interweaving breath rhythm, energy movements and playfulness. All levels are welcome.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a sacred time of transformation and nurturance. A woman develops a deeper understanding of her mind and body, as well as the world in which she lives, during her pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga encourages a woman to move her blossoming body in safe and simple ways, which results in both strength and relaxation.Prenatal yoga and editationquiets the mind and helps develop a deep and peaceful connectionbetween a mother and her child.

Our Kundalini Prenatal Classes give women the opportunity to discover their authentic grace and power as they prepare to give birth and mother with awareness. Our classes are inspired by the wisdom of women throughout the ages and bring women together to stretch, strengthen, dance, chant, meditate and deeply relax.

Wherever you are on your journey as a mother - whether trying to get pregnant or in your last few days before birth - come and experience the preparation and celebration of giving birth with a community of women at The Awareness Center.

Very Gentle Yoga and Intentional Meditation

A blend of yoga and healing/empowering meditations to still the mind and to allow the deeper voice of the soul to resonate within. The short yogic exercises can be done on the mat or in a chair. Learn to build your meditative and yogic practice slowly in a nurtureing atmosphere. Desinged for anyone suffering anxiety, chronic pain, or other conditions that make it hard to sit for long periods comfortably.

12 Step Yoga

The word Yoga means Union: Union between you and your higher power; union between the finite and the infinite. This union serves as a backbone for a strong recovery. Whatever your addiction, this class will serve to help you through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Led by Guru Darshan, this class includes readings from recovery literature, inspirational poetry, and meditations specifically for breaking addiction. This class is ninety-minutes long, and is open to all students, whether in a 12-step program or not.

Kids Yoga

In a supportive and creative environment, kids will use their imaginations, practice their ability to concentrate and focus, strengthen and stretch their bodies, and increase the awareness of their spirits. Yoga enhances a child's growth through motor development, balance and coordination, self-esteem and positive self-image, self-awareness, and spatial orientation.

Kundalini Yoga - Active Meditation

Inspired by the breathing exercises, mantras and meditations of Kundalini Yoga, we have created a class that focuses on these specific practices. Within Kundalini Yoga there are many meditations that require movement, an active breath like Breath of Fire, chanting and longer time lengths. Through this practice, we will explore, experiment and experience the variety of meditations Yogi Bhajan gave us at a deeper level. The class will open with short warm-ups and conclude with a deep relaxation.

Bring an open heart and mind and your desire to shift into the elevated energy of the Aquarian Age!

Kundalini Yoga - Date with Your Soul

Master Teacher and founder of The Awareness Center, Dr. Santokh Khalsa brings the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan to this weekly class. Each week will focus specifically on a full class with meditation that Yogi Bhajan taught in the past and will end with singing and Yogi tea. Come and join Dr. Khalsa an uplifting and inspiring yoga class.

Healing Breath Classes

A life changing pranic breathing technique that will clear subconscious patterning, shift core beliefs and physical imbalances. It will connect you to the deepest part of your spirit and free you to follow the path of your heart. Practice the “Healing Breath” on a weekly basis for health, happiness and wholeness. The class will focus on the healing breath technique and one chakra (or other focus) every week. A great way to prepare yourself for the experience of the Sacred Breathing Circle and HEALER TRAINING.