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This is the website of 3HO International. It contains:

  • More information and articles about Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga sets that can be downloaded from the Internet
  • A list of Kundalini Yoga teachers anywhere in the world
  • Archives of Yogi Bhajan lectures
  • 3HO International Events
  • Numerology This website is for online shopping of yoga related items: Books, videos, CD's, DVD's, herbal teas, herbal supplements, etc.
This is the website for The Aquarian Times, which is published four times a year and is full of very inspiring and uplifting articles about yoga and the new age.
Another good website for buying books and music.
Flintridge Foundation is committed to nourishing individualism, honoring diversity in society and nature, supporting creativity, and promoting just and cooperative partnerships so that human beings may evolve more effectively toward wholeness and the natural environment toward sustainability.
Jon Fox Photo and Design creates complete design solutions for companies and individuals whether print, online, interactive or otherwise. Working with individuals, small businesses and large corporations, Jon Fox Photo and Design can design the perfect materials to compliment your needs and help your business to grow.

Jon Fox Photo and Design designed and developed the entire Awareness Center web site.

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These links are provided as a courtesy to the yoga community. The Awareness Center does not recommend or endorse these sites.