Movements of the Soul, Movements of the Spirit Mind
with Sat Jiwan/Sheri Sutton

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Evolutions of the TransGenerational and Systemic Constellation Work
of Bert Hellinger

Experience the depth of connection that occurs when we serve each other.  Participating in these circles is heart-opening, bonding and community building.  It is an amazing way of experiencing your natural intuitive abilities. 

You may may bring an issue or you may choose to participate simply by offering to serve as a representative in a 3D model of another’s issue.  “Representing” may be the greatest gift, for you will almost certainly gain valuable perspective on your own life issues.  You will experience profound compassion for yourself and all of humanity.

This unique work unravels our misconceptions and exposes us to larger truths.  It works on many levels, bypassing the stories and images that are concocted by the mind and ego.  Through this process we remember our authentic support and thus have the strength to stand in alignment with our destiny, rather than our fate.

Join in the Knowing Field.  You will have an expansive experience.

Sat Jiwan/Sheri is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and has been an Awareness Center community member since 1993.  Sat Jiwan has been participating in Constellation work since 2000 and studied directly with its the founder, German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger as well as several other top European and American trainer/facilitators.

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