Healing Breath Class
with Wahe Guru Kaur

Weekly classes on Tuesdays
6:00pm - 7:15pm
Regular Class Price

A life changing pranic breathing technique that will clear subconscious patterning, shift core beliefs and physical imbalances.  It will connect you to the deepest part of your spirit and free you to follow the path of your heart.  Practice the “Healing Breath” on a weekly basis for health, happiness and wholeness.  The class will focus on the healing breath technique and one chakra (or other focus) every week.  A great way to prepare yourself for the experience of the Sacred Breathing Circle and HEALER TRAINING.


Individual Healing Sessions

Healing Breath, Hypnosis and Reiki Private Sessions
with Helen/DevAvtar
$108 - 90 minute session

After tuning in and a brief talk regarding your purpose, you will be asked to lie down to begin the powerful, easy to learn, healing breath.  This powerful breath clears and unblocks old patterns which can create emotional, physical and spiritual illness.  Following the healing breath, the use of a safe and nurturing light hypnosis will deepen your experience.  It is used for the restorative purpose of enhancing your mind through exploration and “sinking in” positive affirmations.  This will be done while you receive your intuitive hands on Reiki treatment.  Reiki restores and balances the energy centers in your body promoting healing and wellness on all levels.  The use of crystals, essential oil, and healing sound is used for intensification.

Your session ends by being given practical tools to guide you on your intended path.

Healing Testimonial

"After attending your hypnosis class I really felt great. It felt like a high I had not felt before. I would describe it as a really light, calm, relaxed and confident feeling. I felt so happy during the hypnosis. It was a very positive experience." - Adrian Aviles

Please call the Studio (626) 796-1567 to schedule your healing session.