Sacred Breathing Circles
with Wahe Guru Kaur

A spiritual workout for the body, mind and soul.

"Gisela's Sacred Breathing Circles are for everyone - they are so wonderful and each one is unique in that you get out of them what you bring in to them."
- Jonnyka Borman, Lucky Brand Jeans

What if you lived your life from a place of constantly creating from the moment? What if you realized that your life is actually a co-creation with Spirit, and that all the challenges are actually moving you toward your ultimate happiness and fulfillment?

What if?

Step outside your normal limitations and the mental boxes that stop you from being who you truly are. Free your creative expression. Find your passion. Allow your purpose to emerge naturally.

…Some people say it's like a Disneyland ride to higher consciousness...Sacred Breathing Circle….come check it out for yourself.

Experience an ancient breathing technique, called the “Healing Breath”, that will promote healing and regeneration on all levels. This workshop is done in a safe group setting and will allow you to distinguish and release mental, emotional and physical blocks. Wahe Guru Kaur will lead you through setting an intention, a powerful yoga set and a guided journey through the chakra system. She uses toning, sacred sounds, drumming, eclectic music, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to enhance the experience. Please come prepared to do a short Kundalini yoga set.

Come allow your natural passion and radiance to emerge.

Sacred Breathing Circle Testimonials

“Thank you for lifting me. Your Sacred Breathing Circle was one of the most healing experiences I’ve had. You made me feel safe so that healing could take place. It was an intense, cathartic and magical experience.”

- Ami, Student

“I felt like Gisela’s Sacred Breathing Circle was all for me. The attention and presence was with me throughout and I kept thinking “Okay, Gisela - now you have to go to the other people!” When it was over, I was surprised to see that everyone had the eye pillows, rocks, love and attention that I did. Thank you, Gisela.”

- Tanya Greve, Kundalini yoga teacher