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What is Reiki?

It is a hands on healing technique, wherein a flow of soothing Spiritually guided Life Force Energy is transmitted through the palms to the receiver. Rei means light. Ki meaning energy. Reiki is a Universal Life Force energy found within each of us and throughout life.
It is the "Japanese Usui System of Natural Healing", an ancient art of healing rediscovered and developed by Dr. Usui.

How Does Reiki Heal?

Reiki is simple and easy to give. Since it is Life Force Energy, the practitioner opens up to being a channel and allows the soothing healing energy to be transmitted through the palms. It is a giving of energy that is Universal, existing everywhere and in everything. As such, the practitioner is connecting to the source, drawing into and of this Life Force Energy. Having received attunements, aka empowerments, a direct energetic connection is made with this Universal Life force Energy to flow through them and into you.

As the receiver, you are getting back what you quintessentially are – Universal Life Force Energy. Tapping into this essence raises your overall life force and calms your mind. The body always follows the energy pattern of the mind. Thus, it assists the body's energy and ability to heal.

What Can I Expect?

There is no need to remove any clothing. It can be used anywhere any time for yourself and others. The Reiki treatment assists the body's vitality and ability of a person to heal their self. Vibrant health and balance replace dis-ease and stress.

One hour of Reiki treatment is the equivalent to three or four hours of refreshing sleep. The hands are laid in various positions along the body. You may feel a soothing warmth emanating from the practitioner's hands into a particular body part.

Reiki helps you to feel your emotions fully. This allows any pent up feelings to be easily freed. Ex: If anxiety, fear, anger or any old stuck low vibrational thoughts have become an issue, these feelings may become more pronounced as they begin to loosen, release and pass through the body. Such emotions are generally referred to as blockages or constrictions as they withhold the Universal Life Force from naturally flowing. When that flow has been reinstated, healing reaches the affected body parts, as well as your psyche and spirit. Balance takes over with an overall sense of peace and harmony.

Patients can continue to receive any other form of medical treatment and use Reiki to enhance their body's healing rate. It enhances all other therapies and can be used on its own, as a companion to other conventional or alternative healing systems. Even a short Reiki treatment brings deep relaxation, reduces muscle tension, stabilizes the heart rate and blood pressure, strengthens the body's immune system, and improves function

Group Healing Sessions

REIKI SHARE & HEALING CIRCLE with Reiki Master Haridass/Basia Tacik
Last Monday every month, (see online Events Calendar)
7:30 - 9:00 pm
Free or Love Donation (first come, first served)

Join us for a meditative visualization with sound vibration, followed by Reiki energy treatments offered by Haridass and Reiki Practitioners.  Experience peace as dormant energies are stimulated and released.  Give and receive a heart centered flow of life force energy in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Please call the studio or check online Events Calendar for monthly workshop schedule.

Individual Healing Sessions

Healing Treatments with Reiki Master Haridass/Basia Tacik
Reiki Energy Sessions and Soul Readings
$108 - 1.25 hour session

Haridass/Basia is a Reiki Master/Sekhem energy practitioner and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation since 1999.  The healing treatments she offers include essence remedies, sacred breathing affirmative prayer and vision guidance to empower your health, wealth and happiness.

Please contact the Awareness Center (626) 796-1567 for appointment availability.