KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 2017: Level 2 - Conscious Communication

KRI Level Two Certification Program in Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Prerequisite: KRI Level 1 Certification

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Three weekends, Saturdays & Sundays:

October 7-8
October 21-22
November 4-5

62 hour program: 50 hours classroom time
and 12 hours home study

Weekend Schedule

8:00 am - noon: morning instructions
noon-1:00 pm: lunch break
1:00-5:30 pm: afternoon instruction
5:30 pm: break for the day

Classroom study includes yoga classes, lectures and Yogi Bhajan videos. There are ample breaks throughout the day.

The KRI Level Two is Transformational, and it is comprised of five modules required for KRI International Level Two Certification. The five modules are: Conscious Communication; Mind & Meditation; Authentic Relationships; LifeCycles & LifeStyles; and Vitality and Stress. Each Module includes fifty hours of classroom time and twelve hours of home study after the course. KRI requires that participants attend all classes, pass the exam and complete the home study assignments which take place over a 90–day period after the course.

There are three levels of certification:
  • KRI–Level One: Foundations and Awakening – Instructor
  • KRI–Level Two: Transformation – Practitioner
  • KRI–Level Three: Realization – Teacher

Join Lead Trainers Krishna Kaur, GuruMeher Singh and Dr. Santokh Singh Khalsa for this powerful and transformative training!


To enroll in Teacher Training, please fill out a Registration Form at The Awareness Center

Payment Options:

Pay in full by Friday, August 1, 2017: $995
Pay in full with cash, check or credit card. $300 non-refundable deposit included.

Pay in full by Friday, October 7, 2017: $1,095
Pay in full with cash, check or credit card. $300 non-refundable deposit included.

Payment Plan: $1,200
3 payments of $400 each due on the Fridays of: October 6, November 3, December 2, 2017.

To register, please fill out an online registration form, or complete a registration form in-person at The Awareness Center, and submit with your deposit and/or full payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Wahe Guru at wgk@awarenesscenteryoga.org or call Awareness Center directly at 626-796-1567.