A Letter To All Potential Students...

Dear Yogis,

I have designed a teacher training program that will give you not only the tools and information to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher, but the experience in counsciousness that will change your life, even if you never teach a yoga class. Knowledge is of course an important part of becoming a teacher, but it is the transformation of taking your yoga practice to a higher level, which creates a teacher and not just an instructor.

I have brought together a team of the absolute best teachers in Southern California to share their knowledge and also to give you an experience that will uplift you to a new level of consciousness and awareness.

Each student will have a half-hour consultation with me, Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C. at the beginning of the program to help determine your goals, and how I can help you to reach them through this course. I am keeping the size of the course small in order to give you personalized attention during the nine months. I personally guarantee that if you commit to this course, the experience will change your life.


Santokh Singh Khalsa, D.C.

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If you have any questions, please contact The Awareness Center directly at 626-796-1567 or email wgk@awarenesscenteryoga.org